Biotechnology and Life Sciences

Biotechnology and Life Science companies have unique needs. These businesses rely on systems that are inherently complex and bring specialized challenges to designers and builders. ADC Construction Management has extensive experience with building construction for Biotech and Pharmaceutical companies and understands the health and safety requirements that are an inherent part of the project.
ADC-CM’s has performed pre-construction, construction and design-build services for clients such including Lam Research, Biomarin, Genentech, American Medical Systems, Bayer and Kosan Biosciences. Whether it’s expanding a clean room, replacing key equipment and tools in your R&D or manufacturing facility, or performing tenant improvements, ADC Construction Management provides our Biotech clients with construction services that meet schedule demands without compromising on quality.
Compared to other types of facilities and office buildings, Biotech facilities can have greater water and energy usage per square foot due to heat-generating equipment, containment and exhaust devices, fail-safe redundant backup systems, uninterrupted power supply or emergency power, etc. ADC Construction Management’s team works to identify opportunities for improved efficiencies while adhering to stringent health and safety code requirements.
Our construction teams are experts in handling strategic scheduling and project coordination while protecting the health and welfare of building occupants, tradespeople, and the community at large.

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