American Medical Systems

AC Unit Replacement

Client: American Medical Systems

Estimation: $75,000

Duration: 1 month

ADC Construction Management was selected to provide new HVAC Units at AMS headquarters in San Jose. The new units replaced existing units and matched the existing unit’s capacity and configuration. All units were package gas/electric units unless noted for cooling only. Cooling only units do not have gas connection. AC-2A on Building 2 was a condenser only, and ADCCM provided duct coil to accompany the condenser. All units were constructed for outdoor use only, and required a roof curb to accompany them.

Units matched as closely as possible with the existing units. ADCCM provided and installed a smoke detector on all units exceeding 2,000 cfm and provided an economizer on all units. ADCCM matched existing electrical with units. All electrical connections are 208V, with most existing units having 3 phases. ADCCM delivered the units to the project site , and anticipated that five seperate deliveries were required due to lack of storage at the facility.

ADCCM ensured that there was a single point of connection for each utility, and left a foot print for each unit.

The project was completed within the 17 days anticipated, and was completed on budget.