Warehouse Expansion

Client: BioMarin

Estimation: $257,000

Duration: 4 months

ADC Construction Management was contracted to complete the Building 73 Warehouse Expansion project for BioMarin. The project included building a free-standing second floor addition to Warehouse A which would add approximately 1,750 square feet of storage space. Additionally, Warehouse B was modified to relocate IT storage area to improve utilization, stair and guard rail were provided for access above existing northwest offices to add approximately 250 square feet of lightweight storage, 21 pallet racks were relocated  and 26  new pallet racks were installed to improve utilization. The modifications to the space provided approximately 500% more storage capacity.

As part of the expansion, ADCCM installed new footings to match the existing foundation and provided fire protection and lighting modifications for the free-standing second floor addition.

All work was completed on time and under budget.