2nd Floor Tenant Improvements

Client: Delphix

Estimation: $1 million

Duration: 6 months

ADC Construction Management partnered with sister company, Advance Design Consultants, for the Design-Build Tenant Improvement Project for Delphix at 1400 Seaport Blvd., 2nd Floor in Redwood City. The 2nd floor was transitioning to a new, more open layout with new office and phone rooms. The project encompassed demolition of existing walls, ceiling and carpet as well as selective demolition of mechanical and electrical items that were associated with the new layout.

Improvements included modifying the existing HVAC system, modifying the existing Fire Sprinkler system and Fire Alarm system,  and providing and installing a new Electrical system. HVAC modifications required relocation of existing cooling only VAV box to serve new offices and phone rooms, as well as reducting 16 VAV boxes and relocating 16 existing thermostats away from demo wall. ADCCM also provided and installed spiral ductwork and registers for new open ceiling areas and alumaflex ductwork and t-bar registers as needed.  ADCCM also provided new interior walls and storefront glass walls, ceiling and grid, carpeting, and concrete polished flooring. The new Electrical system was made up of approximately 50 electrical outlets, 20 cubicle power poles with control circuits, 10 cubicle base feeds with control circuits, 3 power/dada base feeds, 350 LED light fixtures of various types, and a lighting control system including dimming switches, occupancy sensors, daylight sensors, and communication bridge modules.

ADC Construction Management was executed for all Construction Management responsibilities including support and communication with Architectural and MEP Design firms and subcontractors, coordination of inspections, RFI’s, permit submission, etc.  This project was completed on time and within budget.