Cleanroom Expansion

Client: Grandis

Estimation: $1.5 Million

Duration: 2 Months

Advance Design Consultants and ADC Construction Management were contracted by Grandis to conduct a cleanroom expansion area of approximately 1,254 square feet, metrology tool relocations, electrical and utility expansion. ADCCM was successfully able to complete the project for the predetermined GMP price of $1,578,331.

ADCCM installed a small outdoor equipment pad on the inclined loading dock area that will house the new chiller, process cooling water system, 50 CFM Compressed Dry Air System and the outdoor 208V transformer. The area was fenced in with a non slatted 8-foot high chainlink fence around the installation. ADCCM provided all process gasses and utilities to the Anelva support equipment and to the tool. Interconnections to and from the support equipment and/or tool were done by the manufacturer.

Grandis provided a preliminary facility utilization matrix (FUM), dated 7/16/2012 with all required facilities needed to serve the Anelva Tool Installation. This included pressure, flow, and heat removal requirements for all liquid and gas facilities.

The project was completed on time and on budget.