Headway Technologies

Construction Support

Client: Headway Technologies

Estimation: $8 Million

Duration: 2012 - In Progress

Advance Design Consultants and ADC Construction Management was contracted by Headway Technologies to Design-then-Build an additional 12,000 sq. ft. onto the south-east corner of Building-1 located at 497 S. Hillview Drive, Milpitas, CA 95053.

New expansion area is composed of new Cleanroom Tunnels, Service Chase area, fire rated corridor for exiting, and auxiliary spaces to house storage or Electrical Rooms. The expansion was integrated into the existing structure including Structural and Architectural elements, but to support the new Mechanical and Ancillary Support equipment. Existing utilities (chilled water, hot water, process cooling water, compressed dry air, nitrogen, process vacuum, deionized water, acid waste, general and VOC exhaust) were extended to serve the new expansion area in preparation for the new tool install package. Adequacy of existing capacities were studied and evaluated by ADC. Due to the tight tolerance required by Headway, the Clean Aisle space was ISO Class 4 (Class 100) and designed to maintain 68+/- 2F and 45% RH +/- 5% on a 0.01% ASHRAE outside air design day at 105F dry-bulb. The electrical distribution served the existing 12kV substation and distributed 480V switchgear to feed all new HVAC equipment, Cleanroom and Core, and prepare Power Distribution for new Manufacturing Tools.