Hitachi Data Systems

Data Center & Efficiency Implementation Design-Build

Client: Hitachi Data Systems

Estimation: $285,000

Duration: 10 months

Advance Design Consultants and ADC Construction Management was contracted by Hitachi Data Systems to Design-then-Build an upgrade with energy efficiency implementation into the existing Data Center located at 2845 Lafayette Street in Santa Clara. ADC and ADCCM managed and oversaw all construction related work and worked closely with HDS to coordinate the work with the ongoing operation of the Facility. ADCCM coordinated SVP Rebates, which allowed for 5 additonal monitoring, reporting and coordination with SVP for refunds over the next 4 year period. ADCCM installed Containment/CRAC Extension, allowing for 23 CRAC/CRAH extensions above plenum and installation of containment material purchased. ADCCM reinforced the ceiling, to support new CRAH/CRAC extensions and containment installations.

Additionally, in order to support the installation of 10 new VFD’s each CRAC/CRAH unit contained 2 existing 3-way valves. ADCCM reprogrammed the CRAC/CRAH units to remove humidifcation. ADDCM purchased 100 new Aluminum high capacity air flow grate tiles, and 100 open ceiling tiles to convert hot isles 2×2 drop ceiling panels into perforated tiles.

Tenant improvements including window insulation were also included in the project’s scope of work.

This project is on budget and is predicted to be completed on time.