Lam Research

Livermore 2nd Floor Tenant Improvements

Client: LAM Research

Estimation: $410,000

Duration: 3 months

ADC Construction Management was contracted to perform an Amenity Improvement project for LAM Research at their Livermore site. The work included demolition of existing areas including gypsum & glass partition walls, ceiling grid and tiles, flooring, mechanical, electrical, plumbing and millwork.  Improvements included new ceilings, flooring, cabinetry, counters, tile and grout backsplashes. New walls were built; privacy partitions, glass storefront walls and doors installed.  Ductwork, data line modifications, electrical circuit installations and modifications, automatic sprinkler system modifications and updates to the fire alarm system were required.

ADCCM handled all construction management duties and completed the project according to the 3 phases identified at the start of the project.