HVAC Replacement

Client: Oracle

Estimation: $4.4 Million

Duration: Completed Under ADC Construction Management, Inc.


Oracle Building OPL, was constructed in 1979 and is comprised of five floors arranged in three separate (A/B/C) wings connected by a central rotunda. Each wing has its own rooftop equipment penthouse. The building has a total floor plate area of approximately 263,000 square feet. The existing HVAC mechanical and electrical systems at the penthouse level were original equipment with the building and are beyond the end of their useful service life. The building experienced a severe electrical fault that appeared to be related to a short in the windings of a carrier refrigerant compressor motor. ADC was tasked to redesign the HVAC equipment.

The challenge of this design was to identify critical opportunities for efficiency gains, increased reliability, enhanced maintenance, construction cost-savings, and paybacks for an extensive integrated network of mechanical and electrical systems serving the building. Scheduling and down time were one of the main focuses since the building was fully occupied.

ADC & ADC-CM’s solution entailed the removal of all penthouse equipment that was at its end of service life and replacement with modern and higher efficiency equipment. The equipment was designed for a very fast demolition/installation process with only one penthouse being reconstructed at any given time. Once all penthouses were fully constructed, the controls were incorporated into the central BMS system and the chilled water piping between penthouses interconnected.