SVTC Technologies

New Solar Development Center Design-Build

Client: SVTC Technologies

Estimation: $10 million

Duration: 6 Months

ADC Construction Management and Advance Design Consultants teamed up on a design-build project to support SVTC Technologies with the construction of a new Solar Manufacturing facility. The Solar Manufacturing facility consisted of 13,000 square feet of Class M-5 Cleanroom to be built within the 61,000 square foot building which, at the time, supported another 27,000 square feet of Cleanroom for CMOS and MEMS fabrication equipment.

The new lab will be supported by 12,000 CFM of Acid Exhaust, 12,000 CFM of General Exhaust, 160 Ton Air Handler, Acid Waste Trench with Sump, additional House Process Water/Gases and Electrical Upgrades. The project requires construction upgrades of an additional 6,000 square feet to the existing service utility yard as well. Improvements to the yard include the installation of a new emergency generator, a new 120 ton process cooling water chiller, a new 400 ton water cooled chiller, chemical storage expansion with chemical dispensing and ancillary equipment.

Finally, the project included the remodel and relocation of 18,000 square feet of office space to an adjacent building supporting the existing and new cleanrooms. The project team was on a fast-track design-build schedule to complete the new Solar facility which was to be on display for the SEMICON West and Intersolar North America event July 10th-12th, 2012.