At ADC Construction Management, safety is always our first priority. We believe that safety and high quality service go hand-in-hand, and will never compromise the safety of a project.

Site safety orientation is conducted and the written orientation materials is given to all employees on the job, health and safety posters and emergency evacuation procedures are also provided at the job site. Finally, in addition to providing training of its own employees, ADC-CM mandates that all its contractors conduct weekly safety meetings and provide our firm with proof that the contractor’s employees attended.

Through implementing an effective safety and health management system with rigorous procedures, we ensure the safety of the general public, our clients, and our employees.

Our safety policy includes the following measures:

  • Rigorous training program for all employees and subcontractors
  • Comprehensive Safety procedures to be exercised at each project.
  • Active supervision of all subcontractors
  • Full-Insurance Coverage