Go Green

Pioneering the latest green technology and building sustainability is something that ADC Construction Management, Inc. passionately cares about. We believe in creating structures that are environmentally responsible and resource-efficient. On every project we take time to consider energy and water use and management, material selection and incorporation of renewable resources, and the long and short term impact our choices will have on creating higher-quality, sustainable spaces.

To assist owners in developing and implementing the best strategies, we bring together a team of experienced LEED accredited professionals, whose multi-discipline expertise gives our clients the competitive advantage. ADC-CM then combines these experienced people with a collaborative project approach and custom tools to aid clients in making decisions that are environmentally, socially and economically responsible. And we are committed to keeping on the cusp of the latest technology in our effort to continuously be preparing for and helping create a sustainable future.

ADC Construction Management has become a trusted firm to some of the most innovative and prominent clean technology companies in the market today. Our construction services can help you address concerns varying from water resource management, sustainable power generation, energy efficiency and energy management, as well as complying with strict regulations while maintaining profitability. Our years of experience, construction support, and innovative leadership help make our clients’ renewable energy concepts a reality and lead to more environmentally conscious buildings, paving the way for a sustainable future.