At ADC Construction Management, we know a successful project begins with developing a precise and comprehensive plan. That’s why we emphasize delivering first-class Pre-Construction Services for our clients.

These services are designed to anticipate challenges, develop timely solutions, and foster communication in order to secure efficient project delivery. Our available Pre-Construction services include site analysis; strategic & efficient planning and scheduling; estimation & preliminary budget development; constructability review; and subcontractor selection, to ensure that construction projects are completed on time and on budget.

ADC Construction Management team’s extensive experience and expertise enables them to focus on thorough planning, clearly defining details for subcontractors, identifying areas of concern and providing alternative solutions as needed, and developing project schedules as well as designating who is the responsible party for given milestones. Also, the early involvement of the construction group can improve the project schedule by allowing the bid package preparation to begin prior to the end of design and fast-tracking the procurement of long lead items which might otherwise delay the project schedule. This commitment to detail is demonstrated through our less than 1% in construction change orders. We also use the latest tools and technologies to ensure that processes are streamlined and our client’s costs are controlled, while maintaining the project’s quality and integrity. ADC-CM uses Building Information Modeling (BIM) to virtually build projects before construction, solving many obstacles before they become costly issues in the field. At ADC Construction Management Pre-Construction services are a integral part of how we establish and build value for our clients.